We are so thankful for all of the great memories that our sisterhood has granted us! Here are some of the special things our sisters have to say about the relationships they have forged here at Alpha Phi:


Alpha Phi is the best thing that has happened to me at Cal. From the first moment I stepped onto Bancroft Steps I knew I found my home away from home. I was welcomed with open arms and with a love I can’t begin to explain. The smart, amazing, strong, and beautiful women in the house inspire me everyday to be my best self. After countless late nights at aphi, watching the bachelor on Monday nights or talking about our weeks during Vince’s amazing meals, I have made best friends that will be with me forever and with that I am eternally grateful for such a strong sisterhood. - Ineka '23


I'm inspired by the diversity of thought and intelligence in all the women in Aphi! I am grateful to have sisters to spend hours on difficult assignments, to go to yoga with, and to explore the city with.

-Annie '21


They always told me the people I’d meet in Alpha Phi would become my best friends and I used to laugh at that cliché, but it feels so good to say that it’s actually come true! I’m so grateful for this supportive community and the memories I’ve gotten to make because of Alpha Phi. I’m lucky to be surrounded by such strong, emphatic, smart and creative women everyday who truly inspire me with all their passions. I can’t thank Alpha Phi enough for introducing me to these amazing people and giving me friendships that will last a lifetime! - Charli '22

Whether it be spending hours helping me plan my schedule and sign up for classes, having a movie night and splitting a box of cheesy sticks, getting lost on hikes in Tahoe and almost crossing the border to Nevada, or bringing me ice cream because they see me studying all night in dining, there is always someone there. Being surrounded by a group of such empowering, intelligent, and driven women has made my experience at Cal feel nothing short of the greatest privilege I will ever know. I can’t begin to express my gratitude for the friendships I’ve made in Alpha Phi that will live long past these four years, and I can’t wait to see what other adventures are in store for us. - Auva '21


Alpha phi has surrounded me with so many genuine, talented, intelligent women that make me a more hardworking and better person. Cal is such a big and competitive school that can be overwhelming at times, but being in alpha phi has made college a bit smaller and always reassures me of all of my sisters’ support in each of my endeavors. I cannot even begin to express the gratitude that I have for my place in this community, and how much it has positively influenced my college experience in such a short time. - Madeline '23

Alpha Phi has truly become my home, filled with women that I am proud to call my sisters. The women of this sorority constantly inspire me to be and do my best. Alpha Phi is a community that stands together through hardship and together celebrates successes. I am incredibly grateful to find the real friends that I did in Alpha Phi. - Sam '22