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April Updates

This spring semester has been full of incredible adventures for the women of Alpha Phi, both in Berkeley and around the globe! As the semester gets closer and closer to its end, our sisters are working hard to accomplish their goals and make as many amazing memories as possible. With warm weather and sunshine every day, the rest of this spring semester is bound to be nothing but a blast!

Spring Break fun

During our much needed spring break, the women of Alpha Phi used this time to the fullest, making amazing memories while also catching up on some zzz's. Some of our sisters used this time to venture back home and see their families, and others decided to take this week to visit somewhere they had never been before. A few phi's took a rode trip through national parks in Utah and Arizona, hiking through canyons. Another group had a little stay-cation in San Diego, spending countless hours at the beach surfing, tanning and enjoying the nature of Southern California. Others explored the vibrant city and music of Nashville. A few women even traveled to places in Europe such as Barcelona to visit their sisters abroad. While many can agree the week of spring break flew by too quickly, we all can agree that the memories made during this break will last a lifetime.

Adventures Abroad

While our house does feel a bit empty with many of our sisters studying abroad around the world, it has been so exciting to see all of the adventures they have been going on these past three months. Many Alpha Phi's decided to study in cities around Europe such as Rome, Florence, Madrid, Barcelona, London and Prague. Along with getting to take their classes at beautiful universities in these historic cities, these jet setters have been able to explore other countries around Europe in their free time, from meeting up in Dublin, Ireland for St.Patty's day, or relaxing in Greece for a long weekend. Witnessing all of the fun these women are having abroad is getting our sophomore class excited for when they can take part in experiences like these next spring! We also cannot wait until we can see our Juniors again next fall for their senior year!

Meet The New President!

ASUC elections began last month and have been in full swing from campaign launch events to campaigning on Sproul. These last few weeks were especially busy and also important as the time for the elections grew closer and closer. The Women of Alpha Phi were doing everything they could to spread the word about Amma and her inspiring platform, trying to ensure that she would win the presidency. As the time came closer and closer to Election day, the tension was rising and the competition was fierce. The results were released and Amma won the presidency! Alpha Phi could not be more proud of all of her hard work and so incredibly excited to see how she is going to help shape ASUC for the 30,000 students of Berkeley in the 2019-2020 school year.

Phi Spotlight

This Month's Phi spotlight is Brooklyn Brace! Brooklyn is our VP of Risk and is majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology with a focus in genetics/genomics and a minor in toxicology. She helps make sure that Alpha Phi is constantly a safe environment for everyone by enforcing safety protocols at social events and in the house as well. Brooklyn will be conducting research this summer at the medical school at Columbia University, one of the top medical schools in the country. She will be researching target drug development of neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. This past winter break with Global Medical Training, she volunteered at medical clinics working with doctors in Los Santos, Panama. She spent 5 days offering free medical care to people in extreme poverty helping doctors take vitals, do exams, make diagnoses and write prescriptions. Brooklyn is originally from Washington, but moved to New York with her family after high school. We are so proud of all her hard work and can't wait to see all of the impacts she makes on our world in the future!