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March (With Only a Little) Madness

Kicking off the spring 2019 semester has already been nothing but eventful for the sisters of Alpha Phi! In the short time since winter break ended and everyone returned to Berkeley, the members of Alpha Phi have excelled individually, taking steps towards their ambitions and dreams, along with strengthening the bond of our sisterhood as a whole. From ASUC elections, to declaring majors, to traveling the world with best friends, the women of Alpha Phi are exploring their passions while making amazing life long memories.

4/4 for Haas Acceptances!

Alpha Phi had four amazing women apply for HAAS school of business this past fall semester, and all four were accepted into the major! This rigorous business degree program is extremely competitive with HAAS ranking 2nd overall in the nation, making Alpha Phi that much more proud of the accomplishments of Lauren, Christ

Sarah Zhang has founded a non profit called Glasses For Our Youth, interned at Warner Bros. last summer and launched a startup.

ina, Mary, and Sarah.

We know they are going to take their business aspirations and soar with the guidance that will be provided to them in their junior and senior year of their undergrad education. Sarah Zhang has founded a non profit called Glasses For Our Youth, interned at Warner Bros. last summer, and launched a startup to help create sustainable energy for impoverished regions. Christina Hendricks has interned at Cisco since last summer, is a member of a consulting club on campus and a strong advocate for women in tech. Lauren Jones interned last summer at RBC Wealth Management, volunteers at the Special Needs Aquatic Program, and is our chapter's very own VP of Finance. Mary Rockwood is a member of the Cal Cheerleading team, is a current Amazon Prime ambassador, and is our chapter's VP of Marketing. Watch out for them in Forbes magazine in the future! SLXLM​

ASUC Elections

ASUC election season is here and you know what that means. Everyone's Facebook profile pic is a campaign ad, and you can't walk through Sproul without being asked about a hundred times who you are voting for. But... this year our chapter has two INCREDIBLE women running for ASUC positions.

Gabriela Da Silva is running to become an ASUC senator to make an impact by creating campus-wide solutions and serving the needs of underrepresented communities that deserve to be heard. Some of her platforms include implementing a mentorship program and online portal to match students with mentors that share similar professional, academic, and social goals, increasing grants and scholarships available to low-income students of color along with Greek specific scholarships to increase inclusivity, and implementing a Greek-wide program that will address common issues such as implicit biases, financial inclusivity, and more.

Amma Sarkodee-Adoo is running for ASUC president after serving as a senator this past year. Her platforms are ensuring adequate student representation on time-sensitive initiatives, requiring transparency on the uses of student fees, advocating for better lighting and safety measures, increasing accountability for UCPD and BPD, expanding the presence of diverse faculty, holding the campus accountable to the enrollment goals outlined in the Hispanic Serving Institution Initiative, and increasing the funding for multicultural programming. Go Amma and Gabby!


Last night was one of the events that our sisters look forward to the most each semester... Invite! Everyone in Alpha phi and a friend of their choice gets to attend a beautiful venue in San Francisco dressed to fit a unique theme. This invite, our theme was March Madness so most sisters were decked out in basketball jerseys, referee attire, and some more creative choices such as a human basketball hoop or bracket! The amazing night began with dancing the entire way to the venue on party buses and then dancing a ton more at the extravagant venue (not to mention stopping to eat delicious food in between dances). The photo booth was a blast and will help all of us hold onto our memories of such a lively night. Coincidentally, this event was planned to happen right after many sisters finished midterms, making it a perfect excuse to celebrate all of our hard work in the weeks leading up. Can't wait for our next invite in a few weeks!

Phi Spotlight

The phi spotlight of the month is Tabitha Hall! Tabitha is a second year majoring in Political Economy with a minor in public policy, and she is the VP of Programming for Alpha Phi. In Alpha Phi, she helps coordinate new member education, along with planning many activities for the house such as Big/Little, Programming meetings, and other sisterhood bonding events. She is interning at Facebook this summer in Texas and is currently working with ASUC for academic policy. She is from San Diego, loves to ski and hopes to one day work at a tech company doing public policy. Thank you Tabitha for all of your amazing contributions to our sisterhood!