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Our Fall Festivities

Hello one and all! We are thrilled to start blogging again and updating you all on our fun-filled, busy fall semester. From welcoming over forty new members in August, to decorating pumpkins for a sisterhood event, to traveling to Tahoe, our semester has been nothing short of adventures, bonding with our sisters.

October has been one for the books, starting off with celebrating over seven birthdays in the house this month, even multiple on the same day! Our beloved chef, Vince, made us birthday cake, a treat we look forward to at the beginning of each month.

Then on the weekend of October 12th, we hosted our parents for the highly anticipated Red Dress Gala, followed by our homecoming football game, and finally for an initiation ceremony for our new members. At the Red Dress Gala, which took place at the Lawrence Hall of Science up in the Berkeley hills, we enjoyed food catered by Top Dog, bided on raffle items such as tickets to sporting events to raise money for the Alpha Phi Foundation, and got to make bags for the homeless to pass out around Berkeley. Our Gala showcased so many wonderful aspects of our sorority from philanthropy, to community service to sisterhood, and we are so thankful to everyone who attended.

Lauren Ho-Tseung, our Red Dress Chairwoman this year, said, "My favorite part about the Gala was watching all my friends and their families having fun at the event and learning about the Alpha Phi Foundation. Our chapter is so important to us and it's amazing to share that love with the people we care about." Thank you Lauren, Viv, and everyone else who contributed so much time to this event!

After the Gala, we took our parents to game days and watched Cal play UCLA at Memorial Stadium. Although we did not play our best, we were so happy to see our sisters from UCLA Alpha Phi. Tabitha and Nicolina went to high school together and were both the Director of Community Service in Berkeley's and UCLA's Alpha Phi chapters this past year!

Finally, Sunday morning we presented our littles as official members of Alpha Phi. Jessica has a special bond with her little and says, "After knowing Holly for eight years, having her in the house now and as my little makes Alpha Phi feel even more like home." The bonds we've formed with our sisters are so special, and Sam, a new member, says about her big, "Lauren is the kindest person to everyone she meets. She is so concerned about my wellbeing and goes out of her way to invite me everywhere she goes!"

Lastly, our sisters were able to go up to Tahoe this fall for our sisterhood retreat! The lovely Jordan, our Sisterhood Director, found a beautiful cabin to stay in where we had High School Musical marathons, went on long hikes (while making some wrong turns!), and made ourselves yummy dinners each night. Auva says she will remember Tahoe as a highlight of her sophomore year, especially memories of sitting on the dock by the lake watching the sunset with all her friends, old and new. Pictured are a few of our seniors laughing and enjoying these last memories of college together.

We are so thankful that Alpha Phi has brought us opportunities for service, fun, and friendship as we journey through this crazy time called college. Stay tuned for more updates!