Alpha Phi provides many opportunities and privileges for young women in their pursuit of learning. Our average chapter GPA is an impressive 3.556, which is above the Cal average GPA of 3.263 and the CalGreeks average GPA of 3.326. Additionally, Alpha Phi has the most women studying STEM in all of Panhellenic. 


Our chapter holds “study buddies” a few times a week, during which our members study and get homework done in the company of their sisters!


In our weekly “Food for Thought” program, a girl in the house will present on something that she is especially interested or well-versed in, such as her research or volunteer work, to the rest of the house.


Once a semester, we have a scholarship dinner where each member is given the opportunity to invite a professor to our house to have dinner. This allows our members to establish a personal relationship with their professors.


Lastly, no matter a member's major or interest, there will always be another girl in the house who is on a similar path and can provide advice or guidance!