dear alpha phi parents,

The years that your daughter spends here at UC Berkeley may be some of the most exciting of her life, and Alpha Phi is thrilled to be a part it! This university is a center of progress, humanitarianism, ambition, excellence, collaboration, creativity, and dreams, and there are few organizations on campus that embody so many of Cal’s values as Alpha Phi. Here we provide your daughter with a vast array of opportunities to foster her growth as a leader, a sister, a student, and a contributor to society. This is all possible by Alpha Phi’s dedication to give her with a second family of over one hundred strong, passionate women who will inspire her to reach her full potential, and supply an untiring support to help her get there.


The enormity and strength of our sisterhood is a bond that is ensured every year through the special efforts we make to seamlessly incorporate your daughter into our family the moment she becomes a member. Our 6 week New Member Program allows for each of our new sisters to develop relationships with her fellow pledge class while learning the values and history of Alpha Phi, supplemented by her personal Big Sister in the sorority who will become a friend and mentor to her throughout their time at Cal.


Together our sorority strives to provide your daughter with a family and community that will long outlast her years here at Cal, and we likewise endeavor to extend this opportunity to parents as well. We hope that you will come to love Alpha Phi as much as any member, and encourage your participation in our events throughout the year.


Your involvement and dedication to our sorority is highly valued here at Alpha Phi, and I am eager to be working with you to make your daughter’s time here as amazing as possible. To learn more about how you can get more involved in Alpha Phi and sign up for our monthly Parent Newsletter please contact me at the email below!


Madeline Dawson

Director of Parent Affairs

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