A Letter from our president:

Auva Jahromi

Hey everyone!! My name is Auva Jahromi and I am the 2019-2020 President of the Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi. Welcome to our website! Click around and explore all that Cal and Alpha Phi have to offer.


In Alpha Phi, young collegians are given the opportunity to foster not only supportive sisterly relationships, but also find mentors and friends to help guide them through career and academic endeavors. I have found that in Alpha Phi, I am surrounded by people who allow me to become the best version of myself, an experience that is so important when entering college.


Being elected President is an honor and privilege to say the least. I have been afforded the unique opportunity to watch our chapter as a whole, as well as the individuals that comprise it, mature, learn, and further discover who they are. I have seen so many of my sisters grow and benefit from each other. Year after year it becomes more evident that these amazing relationships can only be found in a sisterhood as strong as ours.


The togetherness of sisterhood is only one large facet of our chapter. The individuality of each member creates an array of colorful personalities that can be seen nowhere else. From dancers to swimmers, future CEOs and doctors, Alpha Phi literally has it all. This variation is incredible. I am continually inspired in various ways to work a little harder and give all of myself to everything I do because of the amazing members of Alpha Phi.


Joining Greek life is nothing short of a challenge. You have to put yourself out there, meet new people, and be vulnerable at times. But frankly, the results are beyond compare! Alpha Phi is one of the best choices I have made while at Cal; I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The women in this chapter are the reason I overcame homesickness and are the only people I would choose to spend my college career alongside. I can genuinely say that Alpha Phi is the place for me!!


Go Bears, Go Greek, Go Alpha Phi always,

Auva Jahromi