our chef VINCE

At Alpha Phi, members are well- fed with three homemade meals every day! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided Monday through Friday, including our formal Monday night dinners and yummy Friday brunches! Our house mom, Ginny, also treats us to Cookie Wednesday and dead week study snacks at 2pm and 9pm. 

Our Chef Vince cooks the most wonderful meals for us, providing members with healthy choices, gluten-free options, vegan alternatives, and desserts that fuel our long days! The salad bar is open every meal, and tea and coffee are available all day. Some of our favorite meals include street tacos, pho, churros, macaroons, pumpkin muffins, avocado toast, eggs benedict, coffee cake, breakfast burritos, veggie curry, and (of course) his world famous brunch potatoes.

Make sure to check out our food related Instagram, @calalphapheast, to check out our weekly menus crafted by Chef Vince! We love having him cook for us and are so excited to showcase  the original and delicious meals he creates for us! 

Click here to be directed to CalAlphaPheast on Instagram to check out Chef Vince's cooking!